BloggingPortal, meet Apache Stanbol

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 28/02/14
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Well, plus ca change – absolutely none of the things some BloggingPortal editors said we’d do after our meeting in January have been done, apart from our own posts and what Stefan did, which is ironic given that he told us he had no time to do anything. But maybe there wasn’t much point: we [...]

On ‘blogging, content discovery and the EU public sphere’

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 14/02/14
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This post started out as a comment to Blogging, content discovery and the European public sphere, Kosmopolito’s post marking Bloggingportal’s 5th birthday (all posts and more). However Kosmo, one of the old guard of EU bloggers (and currently jobhunting, btw) raised more than a couple of good questions, so my comment needed a larger home. [...]

FactCheck EU or Grilling Kippers?

Tonight I’ll be toddling along to Grilling Kippers, a UKIP-focused anti-Eurosceptic campaign from deep within the Brussels Bubble. When I first heard about this, my initial reaction was to worry about the backfire, that the sight of a bunch of elite Brussels Bubble types goading UKIP supporters will reinforce their EU persecution complex. Of course, [...]

BloggingPortal + PressEurop = ?

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 26/01/14
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[Happy Birthday, BloggingPortal! For the birthday present, scroll down] Last Thursday I finally caught up with Eric Maurice of PressEurop, which recently had its plug pulled by the EC following their decision to cancel its renewal tender some weeks after publishing it (sign the petition, check out the team’s  volunteer blog). For those who [...]

Getting into gear or false dawn?

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 25/01/14

For BloggingPortal’s 5th birthday, a short report from those of us who want to see its 6th. Last Saturday a handful of Editors – Macarena (@MacarenaRG), Andreas (@kosmopolit), Alia (@Eurocentrique), Jon (@JonWorth), Stefan (@stefanhapper), Ronny (@ronpatz), Ralf (@RalfGrahn) and myself – got together in the offices of Transparency International to discuss the reboot ideas I’ve [...]

EU public sphere blogtour: half full, or half empty?

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 14/01/14
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Kübler-Ross You can go for months without a good post on the EU public sphere, and then a whole bunch come along at once. As I prepare for this Saturday’s meeting of those BloggingPortal Editors who can be bothered to attend a discussion on rebooting it, I thought I’d do a quick blogtour of those [...]

All hail the Pirates

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 06/01/14
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How nice to see a positive answer to the perennial question: “Where are the MEPs?”. [update 7/1/13: see post by @osimod: Making EU consultation accessible: the example of] In the left corner, the European Commission launches Public Consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules, where stakeholders are asked to download a 36-page [...]

Network anatomy of the EU online public sphere

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 30/12/13
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[update, 31/12/2013: literally hours after this post came Tony Lockett's Mapping the EU digital public sphere(s)] The above image is from Drake Baer‘s FastCompany article “Why Successful People Have So Many Groups Of Friends”, which is all about networking for career success, something I’ve never done and am very unlikely to start. Nevertheless I recommend [...]

Hashtag Europe: the Developers’ Cut (Updated)

[Update 11/1/14: some FAQAOs added below.] This video is aimed at developers interested in combining machine translation, automatic semantic analysis, human curation, faceted and federated search, and social media to create a machine-assisted multilingual longform content curation engine.

The above 15 min. video summarises the current 40 page spec, [...]

A brief history – and future – of the tag in Europe (updated)

<update date = 29/11/13> It went pretty well, given that it took 15 minutes to get a working wifi and the projector died at least 4 times… For what it’s worth, here’s the Prezi I gave. Gratifyingly, the preview of the Hashtag Europe wireframes seemed to do the job, and allow people to understand just [...]

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