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As Blogactiv Director, I shepherded the blog platform you’re looking at now through its launch phase (August 2007-February 2008). While I left to join GOPA-Cartermill in March 2008, I was asked to keep an eye on Blogactiv from its Board, and so launched this blog to experiment and explore the European online public space and the role that Blogactiv could play in it.

While I left the Blogactiv board in March 2010, the subject continues to fascinate, which is probably why I also helped launch the IABC’s Ning platform and am an editor on, the EU social media aggregator.

If you want a quick intro to the ideas explored on this blog during these first two years, check out the 2010 Annual Review. This blog is not about me, so check out my LinkedIn profile if you must have my CV. For those without access to Linkedin, here’s a summary.

– Mathew, May 2010