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Rethinking my blog

You’d have to have the patience of Job to follow this blog. Posts come out achingly slowly, hitting the virtual desktop with a deafening thud. Too few, too long. Time to change. I launched this blog when I left Blogactiv and have since principally used it to explore one subject: the development of the European… » read more

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A commenter kindly emailed me this morning saying that he has tried and failed to comment on my blog recently. Which may explain the sudden drop in comments. Or maybe not. How will I ever know? I’d be interested in hearing whether other Blogactiv bloggers have noticed a drop off in comments recently – use… » read more

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Happy Birthday, Blogactiv!

By my reckoning, Blogactiv had its first birthday today. Time for a brief trip down memory lane. There were plenty of posts before October 15, 2007, of course, but on that day we saw our first post by a bona fide, external blogger (thanks, Stanley!). I’ve heard some people say (rather snidely, it must be… » read more

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