To blog or not to blog?

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 09/04/12

I smiled wryly this weekend as I saw more tweets by people publicly abandoning some of their social media platforms – i.e., giving up on Facebook in favour of Twitter, or LinkedIn in favour of Google+. I guess it’s part of the evolutionary process, but I must admit I’ve always wondered why anyone thinks they [...]

Some stuff I should have read when it came out

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 29/05/11

If you’re like me and almost everyone else I know, you’ve got a To Do list overflowing with emails starred in various colours, Twitter favourites, starred RSS items, stuff bookmarked ‘Do’ or ‘In’ on diigo or delicious, unlistened-to-podcasts, unread books, unwatched documentaries, scribbled post-its and more. And you certainly haven’t got enough time to read [...]

Losing our interiority in the blogosphere

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 16/12/08

I was reading Laurent’s post What does it mean to become human?, but it was so long that I skipped to the end, illustrating exactly the point I wanted to make in this post. Laurent writes, amongst other things, about interiority: the capacity to reflect upon ourselves, others and the world, the whole of reality [...]

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