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OK, so sue me – I haven’t posted in months. But I will post again soon, because the twittering is driving me nuts.

I’ve been on twitter for around 18 months (since , to be precise), and hardly ever used it. Didn’t get the badge, didn’t buy the t-shirt. Hell, if I can’t find the time to blog on the blog platform I was launching (this one), how do you want me to find the time to tweet? Besides, you can’t tweat from a mobile phone in Belgium, last time I checked.

But, more recently, I started hearing a lot about twitter, so I took another look. Thankfully, this is one of the first things I saw:

It's nice to know I'm not alone. And I mean that in several ways - dammnit, who are these people following me anyway? Some of them are newspapers I never read! Are they going to mug me when I turn into a dark alley?

Not that it's entirely useless. I've wanted to integrate it into event/website software since I saw it. And by following my friend Simon (a real one - friend, that is), I came across Michelle, and commented on her post ... bemoaning the invasion of the Twittersphere by fakery.

So in the time I was away, it's evolved from innovative-idea-in-search-of-a-mission to a media gagging with spam.

There'll be more of this later. By which time we'll probably be looking for an aviary for the next batch of MEPs ...

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