Mathew Lowry

I’ve been asked by the Blogactiv team to lend a hand sorting out the Technical Support Blog and welcome comments.

Basically the TSB hasn’t kept pace with the redesign, the platform upgrade and various other changes that have been made to the site since the launch team (Dale, myself and BicycleMark) put it together back in Q3 2007. This is not a criticism of the current team – after all, the number of bloggers and posts on the site continues to grow, so the TSB’s state clearly hasn’t been holding things back. But it’s time to bring it up to speed.

So if you have any comments or queries about how Blogactiv works, let me know and I’ll incorporate your feedback into the rewrite.

This technical exercise also intersects with another, more fundamental discussion I’ve been having with various people over the past six months or so – where the ‘EU blogosphere’, for lack of a better name for it, is heading. A lot has changed since Blogactiv was launched in October 2007. I may post something about this soon, but if you have any thoughts on that, comment here.

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