Mathew Lowry

I’ve been asked to make a presentation at Web 2 EU: Publication 2 Participation, an IABC event held at Boston Uni here in Brussels on May 28.

There’s just so much to talk when considering the impact of social media on the EU that I’ve been unsure of exactly where to begin. The main problem I usually grapple with for event like this is one of audience heterogeneity. When we were preparing the launch of Blogactiv we found ourselves talking to people ranging from some of the first bloggers and podcasters in Europe to those who hadn’t seen a tag before in their life.

EU social media has developed a lot since then (still haven’t figured out whether Blogactiv was a contributing cause or a side-effect of that), so hopefully we’ll be able to look forward to a future where social media is a bit more mainstreamed into EU affairs.

After several false starts I’ve settled on The return of the European Communities as a working title. If that title makes no sense, you’ll just have to come to the event to find out what it’s about. If you do catch the idea, feel free to make suggestions because I’m still working out the stucture and content.

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