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This is just irresistible for anyone, like me, who used to be a Serious Science Journalist before being sucked into the web:

Thanks to John Caswell for tweeting me onto this.

Yes, I admit it, despite earlier scepticism stretching back to 2007, I am increasingly using twitter, simply as a way of checking out interesting sites and other resources recommended by people I respect. They’re not using delicious, which I would have preferred, but that’s life. Oh, and we’re looking at integrating Twitter into our project management lifecycle.

<rant on>

But I still do have a life, honest, and I’m not going to let it be taken over by that irritating little bird!

I met a few people at the IABC meeting on Web2EU yesterday who are being flooded with tweets. The answer is pretty simple, as long as you start with Theodore Sturgeon, underrated science fiction author, who wrote:

“90% of SF is shit. But 90% of everything is shit.”

Note that he was writing pre-Web, so let’s up the percentage to 95%, now that pyjama people can now express themselves freely. So most tweets are …?

And that’s before you remember that most people who follow you on Twitter are doing it just so that you will follow them.

One of the people who started following me yesterday is following over 5000 other people. Do you think he’s really reading the tweets – and the sites they link to – of 5000 people? Or does he want to be read by as many people as possible, either because he needs 10,000 online friends because he hasn’t got any offline ones, or because he’s got spam to push?

Either way, I’m not interested. Getting flooded with crap tweets? Unfollow. People following you who you don’t know? Follow at your peril.

</rant off>

Just don’t forget to follow me on Twitter …

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