Mathew Lowry

When preparing a recent presentation, I went back to my experience with launching Blogactiv to explain what it was like rebutting people who had taken a passionate hatred to me without actually knowing me (and why I bothered). For the hell of it, I followed some of the old links to the off-site conversations, and to my surprise found that the Midnight Sun had closed down.

You remember the Midnight Sun – the site of someone called Aurora who wrote:

Mathew, I’ve checked out your nice little EU sanctioned site and quite frankly you and everything you’re doing disgusts me. It reminds me of having a pro-Hitler forum … I despise everything the EU stands for and nothing will convince me otherwise

I find myself missing Aurora. All that passion! Does anyone know where she’s gone? Someone said she was still in Brussels. Others think she is in Australia. Still others that she’s gone to live with Thetans in Tom Cruise’s garage. One of the above statements is incorrect. But which one?

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