Mathew Lowry is setting up the My Europe Week Blog Carnival, and want you to take part, whether you’re a blogger or not.

We want you to write about your Europe. What you want from Europe. How you want Europe to develop … your declaration on what you want from Europe … We want both bloggers who write about the EU and those who don’t …
Welcome to the My Europe Week blog

If you already have a blog, simply write something on these themes between May 3 and 9, and use the form on the My Europe Week blog to ensure BloggingPortal gives it a boost of publicity via their steadily growing EU blog aggregator.

And if you don’t have a blog, simply use the same form to submit your thoughts, and they’ll publish it for you.

So get thinking, because if you could sum up what you want for (and from) Europe in just one post, you may as well publish it during Europe Week!

Snapshots of Europe, over time

If enough people join in, it should provide a fascinating EU-wide snapshot of what people expect and want from the EU. Expect several posts on air traffic control this year.

And think about what would happen if this was repeated every year. Your own blog would gain an interesting record for how your own thinking evolves over time. And we’d all see those EU-wide snapshots evolve over time, as priorities wax and wane.

Which leaves me in a jam, because I’m not that political.

The problem here is that I want to have my cake and eat it – i.e., I want a society which has a sustainable economy and full employment and rewards innovation & hard work and supports families and respects minorities and provides excellent healthcare & education & human dignity for all and

You get the picture – I’d just love to see the Zero Poverty Petition / Shopping List achieved. But I doubt it can be. Besides, plenty of people write very passionately about achieving these goals, or how they should be prioritised.

My pet topic, on the other hand, is using online communications to help make the EU better understood and more responsive to more people. So I’ll post something, but I’m going to have to be creative to avoid risk repeating myself. All suggestions gratefully received.

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