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Rethinking my blog

You’d have to have the patience of Job to follow this blog. Posts come out achingly slowly, hitting the virtual desktop with a deafening thud. Too few, too long. Time to change.

I launched this blog when I left Blogactiv and have since principally used it to explore one subject: the development of the European online public space, something which a recent survey suggests Blogactiv has made a fair contribution to.

My recent My Europe Week post, however, neatly wrapped up those 18 months of cogitation, and I found myself somewhat spent, with nothing new to say on that particular subject that hasn’t already been said (I really loathe ‘me-too’ blogging). While I threw myself into exploring other projects, commented on others’ blogs, and tweeted too often, I just haven’t felt like blogging here that much.

Funnily enough, the same thing seems to have been happening elsewhere: as Europasionaria summarises nicely, quite a few EU-oriented bloggers – all far more influential – have recently called it a day. It made me realise that I will follow the same route if I don’t make a conscious effort to do something about it.

So apologies for my recent absence, and for whatever happens next: I’ve decided to try and post something – anything – at least 4 times a week, and to keep it short and sharp.

At least, until I take the family on holiday: il y a des limites, comme même!

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