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If I recall correctly, a lot of us in the euroblogosphere reacted to the announcement of the European Public Communication Conference and Network (EuropCom) with a mixture of scepticism, hope and amusement, particularly with the original launch video, which was so badly done I for one was actually charmed.

Fancy announcing a conference and not even having a basic website ready! Fancy asking for help and give no channel for providing it!

They seem to taken that video offline, which is a shame. Anyone know where it went?

Test content goes live
Test content goes live

Anyway, when it was announced, some of us did try, ‘reaching out’ – via blogs, twitter, and email – to the organisers. They did ask for our input, after all.

They never responded.

Since then some of us have remarked (mainly via twitter) the conference’s development. For example, when the website went live, full of test content.

They never engaged.

Today, as this ‘web 2’ conference gets underway, is anyone surprised that they haven’t managed to get a conversation about it going, on either their own website’s “community“, nor their Facebook group’s discussion board?

Popular conversations
Popular conversations

If you are going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. Yet all the organisers have shown is that they can’t walk! How are they supposed to help anyone else if they can’t implement the basics themselves?

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  1. Mathew,

    ‘If you were a proper ‘new media expert’, you would have been speaking, and not building websites, blogging or tweeting. New media is about perception not reality. Why look at stats, pretty colors and cats are critical.’

    Thanks for keeping me entertained.


  2. The above post was sarcastic. I hadnt realised Blogactiv strips html tags, or anything else put between html tags.

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