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A while back I was invited to make a 10minute presentation to “Civil Society Day“, held at the EESC.

Kwinten Lambrecht asked me to upload the ppt, and others asked for followup links, hence this post. I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to resurrect this blog yet (see previous post), however, so I won’t go into what I thought of the event, other than to regret the rather plaintive nature of some of the rants speeches, and to recommend that you check out the Code of Good Practice for Civil Participation in the Decision-Making Process, presented by fellow panelist Ariane Rodert, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Sort-of new stuff

Blogactiv won’t allow me to upload a .ppt for security reasons, so I slideshared it (view it on slideshare to download the .ppt if you must):

I might come back here to add the video when it’s available, and/or synch its audio track to the above slides, as I haven’t yet had an opportunity to try slidecasting with slideshare.

Update: I did make a slidecast on slideshare, but – once again – Blogactiv won’t allow me to embed it, so check it out if you want. Slideshare’s done a great job – the online slidecast editing tool rocks – but they still lose your presentation’s animations when you upload it, so if you want to do something similar don’t use animations in your presentation: instead, make a different slide for each animation step.

Update 2: Kwinten Lambrecht tweeted the above image. It’s great – the only improvement could be to turn the denizens of the bubble inwards, to face each other. ūüėČ

Update 3: watch the video (unembeddable, typically). The good news is that you get the animations with the narration; the bad news is that you get my face.

Update 4 (May, 2104): Slideshare has removed slidecasts, which is a massive pain in the neck as my slidecast on slideshare has been viewed almost 2000 times, embedded in 10 other places, etc. Massively disappointed in LinkedIn, Slideshare’s owner. May grab the audio and make my own slidecast on one of these days, just for the record …

RTFB* part 2

As promised also, some links relevant to my presentation:

plus some things I mentioned in comments:


* What’s RTFB? See RTFB*! Part I

** My fellow panelist Giuseppe Porcaro shouldn’t miss this ‘worshipful celebration of genius’ of EU youtube videos, by Anonymous (quite the genius him(her?)self).


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  1. @Dominique, Sorry, but no – the posts you point to feature slideshares, not slidecasts, which feature the presentation synched with the audio file.

    If you had actually read the post, you would have noticed:
    – A slideshare was embedded in it since I published it (Go on! Scroll Up! It’s the big box with slideshare written on it and a whopping great ‘Play’ button!)
    – I then created a slidecast, but I can only link to it as I cannot embed it

    Possibly I missed something technical. Unfortunately, the last entry in this platform’s Technical Support blog is dated December 2008. ;-(

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