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It’s not strictly necessary to rebrand bloggingportal, but everyone I’ve spoken to thinks it’s a good idea, so why not have a little competition?

This is more about coming up with a neat idea than holding a design competition yet. For example, here’s an idea sketched out on the metro using my trusty Note2:

hashtag europe: what are they saying?

Got a better idea? Thank goodness, send it in. Each should include:

  • a name (in my case it’s “Hashtag Europe”)
  • a tagline (“What are they saying?”)
  • a logo (optional)

Together they should encapsulate what the rebooted site should do: help people find online opinions about the EU (see previous posts if you’re new).

If all you’ve got is an idea, post it in the comments. If you’re feeling creative and you want to submit a design, email me. If you haven’t got my address, leave a comment.

I’ll pull everything together and set up a poll so we can choose one to develop further.

What will the winner get? Immortality, in the shape of copyright credit, as well as eternal gratitude.

Update (11/11/13)

Almost a dozen ideas received, including one graphical idea from @Dem_Tilly:

Name: Euro pin

Tagline: bursting the bubble

To be honest, a dozen ideas is much more than I expected, so I’ll definitely set up a poll sometime soon.

But not before at least one post setting out some wireframes I have been working on. They should help convey the idea better than any number of text posts and sketches made on my mobile phone in the Brussels Metro.

So thanks for the ideas, keep them coming and stay tuned…

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  1. Cheers, and thanks for your promotion of the BP Rebelmouse.

    Just a quick clarification – you’re putting these forward as three separate names, right? Need to know before I set up a doodle.

    Also, got any taglines of graphic ideas to go with them?

    Keep them coming…

  2. I would:

    a) not change the name, which has good followers / feeders.

    But indeed the motto, look and effective governance:
    b) ‘EUCommunity: emerging public sphere’
    c) logo: open ellipse, including words ‘blogging portal’, ending with .eu

    d) Preserve autonomous governance, with quicker decision-making:
    – a board made of de facto leaders of Bloggingportal
    – a legal structure, using an existing one (fondation d’intérêt général)
    e) All in synergy with a new project supported by DG CONNECT, which Matthew knows about. That could help promote more, and cover some costs.

    –> Wish to know more?



  3. Thx for the ideas. Now why am I not surprised you suggest the tagline ‘EU Community’? Perhaps you can explain tomorrow evening at the launch party for the project ‘EU Community’, in the throbbing heart of the Brussels Bubble? 😉

    But seriously, I’ll include your thoughts in any poll, and all ideas and synergies are welcome from every quarter, although I’d like to keep EU Institutional financing to a minimum.

    The legal structure will be created if/when we get to the fundraising stage – do you find the admin overhead from a Belgian fondation onerous or light?

  4. OK, @brusselsblogger, it’s in, but IMHO that makes it look too much:
    a) a news media, rather than an aggregator of opinion
    b) a Brussels-focused news media, whereas it aggregates EU-relevant opinion from across Europe

    I see it as complementing existing sources of content, rather than setting itself up as a competitor to them. Thoughts?

  5. Answering Mathew’s reply:

    “The legal structure will be created if/when we get to the fundraising stage – do you find the admin overhead from a Belgian fondation onerous or light?”

    I find the admin heavy, that’s why I suggest using an _existing_ structure, eg Fondation EurActiv PoliTech (or is there a more suitable one?). Fondation is becoming more autonomous from EurActiv the media, and more involved in several project supporting the blogosphere and social media.

    In any case, let’s recall: ‘organistion follows strategy’



  6. @brusselsblogger, you’re right – most people think we should not limit ourselves to blog posts, so the name needs to evolve to reflect this. As I said in a previous post:

    The idea is to be a discovery engine for opinion on EU policy – whether it be blog posts, newspaper articles, wikis, whatever.
    Why call it bloggingportal?

    My problem with brusselsnews – Your EU news source is that it makes it look like a source of original news, rather than a curator of existing content. But still, it’ll go in the poll if/when I get to it.

    @Christophe, I was wondering if/when you’d suggest that 😉 Right now I’m not ruling anything out, so let’s grab that long-overdue coffee.

  7. And just to put all the ideas in the same place so I don’t forget any later, some thoughts via Twitter:

    … but how about “The European Citizen”?
    – Anthony Zacharzewski (Democratic Society), @anthonyzach

    which lead to a reaction from a certain blogger and @bloggingportal editor:

    I think I’d prefer a good strap line to a name change….but just to suggest – “Brussels Bubbles”. Theme of different bubbles of debate…? Admit I’m rubbish at this.
    – Conor Slowey, @EuropeanCitizen

    We’re collecting ideas, so there are no bad ideas. Yet 😉

  8. I like, but in case that’s not an option it could be

    A tagline for both could be:
    “Connecting Europe’s Conversations”

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