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My EuropCom 2015 workshop on online communities is taking shape.

(Update: view all slideshows and key takeways from the session)

According to the EuropCom2015 site it’ll be held after lunch on Day 1, and will cover:

Convening and managing an online community is an extremely effective way of achieving communications goals, but will probably fail if viewed primarily as a communications project. We will explore the Dos and Don’ts of making communities work via three concrete case studies.

I’ve enjoyed exploring case studies with various people over the past couple of months, in the end considering almost a dozen ideas before, with the help of the organisers, settling on:

  • Steven Clift (Executive Director, & a White House Champion of Change for Open Government), will fly across from the USA to explain the KnowledgeHub platform, a highly successful UK-based community-building platform for the public sector with global ambitions;
  • Christel Vacelet (@christelvacelet, Communications Manager, European Schoolnet) will provide a unique insight into the eTwinning platform, through which over 310000 teachers in more than 14200 European schools have upgraded their skills and launched over 41000 cross-EU classroom projects over the past ten years;
  • Olivia Butterworth (@LiviBF, Head of Public Participation, Patients and Information at NHS England, UK) will describe NHSCitizen: building a way for everyone in England to have a say in healthcare decision-making.

It promises to be fun, as does the Democratic Society’s unconference on Open Policy-Making in Europe (Day 2, 14-16h), where I hope to get a first look at some of the more advanced community management tools emerging from the EC.

With a bit of luck I might be able to publish some preview posts before the event with the above speakers, so stay tuned via my enewsletter, to be launched this week.



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