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I’ve been invited to prepare a “Technology Buyer Challenge” on Hashtag Platform for the Language Technology Industry Summit this May.

(Update, 31/3/16: this project was covered, among many other things, in an interview with professional EU interpreter Alexander Drechsel in his podcast Demos ex machina? Multilingual communication with Mathew Lowry).

So I dug out some of my slides and put them together here in both slidecast and slideshare form, below.


  • Hashtag Engine is the ‘machine‘ part of ‘machine-assisted human curation‘. It is an innovative combination of existing advanced language technologies, particularly multilingual semantic analysis and machine translation, with autotext summary and sentiment analysis Nice2Haves
  • Hashtag Platform allows users to create multilingual online communities. Each community uses Hashtag Engine to help curate useful content across language barriers, raising the community’s collective knowledge, helping knowledge flow and people network across language and cultural barriers
  • Hashtag Platform also allows community members to correct and validate the Engine’s semantic analyses of the curated content.
  • In other words, the Platform crowdsources the human training of the Engine.

The conference organisers aim to set up a workshop with technology suppliers to discuss this at LTInnovate. If you’re interested, drop me a line, and I look forward to seeing you at the conference.



Obviously, a slideshare misses out on both voice narration and the animations:

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