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I haven’t posted here recently, but you missed a lot of quality content last year if you didn’t subscribe to my enewsletter. Most of it was not mine.

Hundreds of carefully curated links (enewsletter)

Most of the 21 (so far) editions of my “Top3ics” enewsletter, published on Tumblr, look at 3 topics – journalism, augmented reality, social media, mobocracy, etc. – providing a handful of interesting links for each.

Most include no more than one link to one of my posts – this is about what I’m reading more than what I’m writing.

Lately, however, I’ve experimented a little more – the last two focus on only one topic each, so I’ll have to find another name:

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On Medium

The latter article is a recent example of my personal content strategy, where I write newsletter editions every few weeks to help me absorb and digest the stuff I read every day, before writing a (hopefully) original post of my own.

This was set out in one of my ‘productivity posts’ on Medium: Stop drowning in your Inbox, which updates both my earlier Taming the Firehose and Where is social media taking you in 2016? posts, and describes how I’ve aligned my productivity process with my personal content strategy.
Other recent posts on Medium have focused mainly on fake news:

There was also an explanation of why you won’t often find me on Place Luxembourg, networking madly: I have facial blindness so I’m crap at networking, but let’s talk anyway.

And, inevitably, a couple of Brexit posts on VoxEurope: Of technocrats, journalistic balance and telling EU stories, and The Eurosceptics’ rise: my personal timeline.

I’ve even experimented with Facebook’s revamped blogging platform: So are filter bubbles a good thing now?, but frankly doubt I’ll go back. Similarly with LinkedIn, at least for personal thinkpieces, although I will continue posting there about my work for META Ventures if you’re into that sort of thing.

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