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As BlogActiv’s Launch Director, I shepherded the blog platform you’re looking at now through its launch phase (August 2007-February 2008). When I left in March 2008, I was asked to keep an eye on Blogactiv from its Board, and so launched this blog to experiment and explore the European online public sphere, and the role that Blogactiv could play in it.

While I left the Blogactiv board in March 2010, the subject continues to fascinate, so I kept blogging. Summaries of the early years can be found in the Annual Reviews of 2010, 2011 and 2012, when I temporarily closed this blog to ponder where I wanted to take it.
The answer was to experiment with Tumblr and Google+, followed by LinkedIn after they invited me to join their pilot programme. As with Google+, LinkedIn disappointed, so each time I returned here, although I did build an el cheapo Content Hub on Tumblr and more recently began experimenting with Medium.

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Contact me for work via LinkedIn or my company’s page.

– Mathew, March 2016

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